Marko 93 is a  photographer of international level. It was precisely Marko 93 who had created calligraphism, a combination of arabic abstract calligraphy and graffiti. He has been developing “light painting” technique since 1999. Light painting is an art which combines the space, light and scene during photographing. This technique is based on a photo shooting in a long holding which makes the light lines on the space reveal mostly unexpected sides of the chosen personages/things. The exposures of light painting are made usually at night or in a dimmed place by moving a hand-held light devices. In many cases the light source itself does not appear in the image. It  also encompasses images lit from outside the frame with hand-held light sources. Starting with Brasil, Egypt and Marocco, from China to Mongolia, the whole Japan…… Marko travelled all over the world to enrich the cultures and leave his trace.

Today Marko 93 is in Kazakhstan. Yesterday we had a chance to witness artist’s talent in Che Guevara club in Astana. The meeting was held due to the Week of French Fashion in Kazakhstan. I know the French people have a sophisticated taste in fashion, wine and kitchen. They are sensitive to the beauty that surrounds them and try to make everything around charming. I made sure of it again. Atmosphere in Che Guevara was relaxing, apropos to chill out and release the stress before the weekends. The walls of the club were decorated by pictures representing Kazakh culture in the frame of light painting style. What I understood by visiting the party is that our culture is beautiful. Our traditional costumes differ from other cultures by the sewing style, by the apposite meaningful ornaments and features of animals and birds. This beauty augments twice through light painting. Different lights, colourful spots, curved lines and circles come into play to attract and absorb a visitor’s attention.

A French atmosphere reigned in the club. Getting used to Kazakh, English, Russian and German speech I felt exciting to find myself among “Bonsoir”, “Soyez les bienvenus”, “Admirablement”, “Merci”, “On m’appelle”, “S’il vous plaît” in addition to other words I don’t know. French people even made their language sound beautiful. The show began with the performance of dance group “Worms”. Looking at them you think each cell of their organism actively participates in what a dancer creates. Farther we welcomed Marko, who immediately began to paint a picture on dancers’ stiff movements. He used small light sources and each scope of his arms, each movement of his hands was reflected on a large screen through projector. ( These small technological devices are like felt tip pens we use to colour our drawings). If Marko did a half circle with green light in the space the same figure appeared on the screen as a decor to the image. That is the way light painting works. Amazing!

However, the most interesting moment was ahead for every visitor could have himself to be put in light painting by Marko. I and my students ( who also were there as I found out) moved forward with alacrity. We stood in the center of the dance pool demonstrating independent movements while Marko 93 recovered our images with various strokes. I felt cheerful to see myself painted in light painting style. Not only me, everyone did.

In conclusion, I want to say it is useful to visit such parties, exhibitions, museums and concerts for they enrich your inner world. They widen your world outlook and enable you to acquire a deep comprehension of cultures. The life is more interesting than we think. ENJOY IT!