I can say I learned many useful things to help me in my future teaching career only in two months. Survey Monkey is one of the most important things I learned from PDP. It is online survey questionnaire that helps to collect information on a topic that you can individually create online. Signing once you can use it for different purposes without limits. I like it because it analyzes data, provides you with informationabout students’ likes and dislikes. In a word it helps to get insight from what you are seeking for. 

To tell the truth, when I had our first class with Kristina in Kadisha’s room I didn’t like our curriculum at all. The reason was that Kristina mentioned so many words, unfamiliar to me, as Ebscohost, Jstor, Proguest, Moodle, Survey Monkey. And I thought what the use from all those would be. However, looking back I realize that I was deeply wrong with my opinion. Nowadays I am an active user of all these tools except Proguest. ( I have no doubt that Proguest will also be interesting to practice in our future PDP classes.)

Only three days ago I created account on Survey Monkey and now I am using it to gather statistics for my potential research. It is exciting. I really like SM and the possibilities it offers. For instance, today each of PDP students created their own survey on the research topics. On my part, I was glad I was contributing to my fellow students work by responding to their questionnaire. I tried to be as fair a possible for my responses will somehow be reflected on their research development. On the other hand I like tests, quizes, surveys and it was not arduous to answer each survey. My Nu students got involved into my survey as well as my collegues. And I think that the students responses will back me to improve my research because even having 11 people responded I found various offers, opinions(that I missed). The final data will be valuable support for my topic because nearly all students were abroad by a definite program or independently. It makes me feel glad.

Again I have enough materials to support me, some of them I retrieved from Ebscohost, others – from first-hand experiences.

Appositely, I think all of us liked SM. I can say for sure that Nurbolat did. He was sitting next to me and exclaiming: ” OOOHHH….Survey Monkey is really good. Good I can use it for my children at NIS!(Contended face).”

And finally, concerning the way SM works, it was not difficult to upload the questions. The system does everything for you, all you need to ask questions acurately. That is what we are to improve with the help of wordpress/ everything we were taught.