Blogging is a great way to motivate your students to write and improve their writing skills. As for me, I like blogging very much. Each time I have something interesting and useful to say I look forward to put my discoveries into my blog and share them with the other people. Blogging does not only teach you to write for the audience, at the same time it improves your memory capacity. Before asking how, take a moment and think profoundly how you usually sit to write. You sit, you don’t know how to start, you want to impress your blog visitor, you want to make him visit your blog again and again. That is what blogging does with you. You feel self-improvement through it. Just the same will feel your students if once you get them introduced with blogging. I know blogging will draw every student’s attention, because it is entirely new and unknown thing for the children in our classroom society. As you know, everything new has a magnetic power. For that reason we, as teachers, should make their first impression about blogging exciting. We should bring to their hearts that blogging does not require any extra abilities, need not any eye-catching scandal stories. It is a good way to combine pleasure with profit. On my part, I am absolutely for using blogging as a writing tool in the classroom. Exactly, I know how to motivate students, because I am really contended with the fact that I have blog of my own. I believe that it is helpful. If I have a burden for doing something I immediately start for actions. If I lose interest I give it up at once. Whatever it may me. I hope I will continue to lead my blog even when I am a young teacher. Being a teacher you have more things to write on your blog, because each lesson is something new to say. If you want your students to start blogging show them your own blog first. Secondly, concentrate their interest on a definite article you have inserted into your blog. Thirdly, let that definite article be about them, their school life, their activities. Fourthly, show them the way Blogging works. It is necessary to remain in the page just clicking the tags, showing the functions, demonstrating extra options, etc. Finally, offer them to start their own blog. You have more chances to catch their interest at the highest point only after getting through all these stages. It is much better than simply if you come and say “Today you will start your own blogs”. However, motivation is just the beginning of blogging process. Teacher should also give them support constantly for not all of them are good writers. And realizing that your students gained a full comprehension and independence with blogging you can leave them “on their own sake”. In conclusion, I would like to say:”Dear teachers, we all like blogging. Let’s make our students like it as we do”.