XIII International “Shabyt” festival of creative youth, began in October, 3, came to its end yesterday at the Palace of Peace and Consent in Astana. The annual festival gathered 600 participants from Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. The competition was held in different nominations. All participants competed for the best title in nominations: “national music”, “classical music”, “pop genre”, “fine arts”, “literature” and “journalism”.The competent jury of the festival announced the name of the winners of nominations. However, the main prize of the festival – The Cup of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was given to the best participant – Chamber orchestra “Feruz” from Uzbekistan.

Further the ceremony of closing was continued by the performers of the best nominations, winner of Grand Prix, “laureate” title and “Shabyt” medal owners.   The professionals of vocal, choreography, literature, musical instrument style did their best to vivify the final day of the grand event and to impress the audience. There was loud applause for the participants.

The most striking and memorable thing of the festival for me was the composition performed on zhetigen. Earlier I used to read and write much about this ancient traditional musical instrument of the Turk people. Yesterday I witnessed to see the musical instrument for the first time. Everything I have read before appeared in front of me. Construction, manner of play style, sounds, finger flows. “You sit and watch. Suddenly you feel shivers run all over your skin and you become numb for a moment. It is the sense of patriotism.” I went through the same feeling yesterday.  Thank to the people who still keep our tradition alive by their invaluable work.

If you have ever read “Two Kyrgyz Women” by Marinka Franulovic, you cannot keep indifference to the dance group from Kyrgyzstan. The young boys and girls managed to show the real scene from the history of their nation. Their performance made a great impression on me, despite the abject poverty in the country, they still continue their traditional folk. Regardless the economic instability in Kyrgyzstan, the country has a national pride deep in heart.

The feelings of pride, gratitude, surprise overwhelmed me during the concert. Once you find yourself among beautiful girls dancing or in front of a bird singing. Perhaps, the audience didn’t believe their ears, when “Solo” nomination winner Zhamilya Zharkymbaeva accomplished her composition. She surprised the public by high vocal tone and breathtaking singing. She imitated the sound of a bird on a high professional level.

This is just the part of the feelings I went through. Nevertheless, it is impossible to deliver all the beauty of the festival untill one sees it with own eyes.