Jokers, crazy bloody doctors, witches, catgirls, tigerwomen, drakula”s wife, crying angel, emo, zombies, pirates, white face dolls, clowns, black executioner, alive corpse, personages from horror films . . .

That is all the creatures Nazarbayev University students turned into at Halloween Night. Halloween is an ancient holiday. The celebration of Halloween has come to us with cross-cultural experiences and wide world outlook. In a new surrounding the holiday promised to be exciting. There was atmosphere of mystery as nearly the half of the people had masks on their faces or strong make-ups over their faces. Everybody danced, took photos, played games but nobody knew who was the person behind the mask. Dancing at the party kept people connected, brought them together and helped people to release energy, to reveal inner potential. Dancing added a cheerful atmosphere of craziness. Dreadful, horrid creatures danced everywhere:  on the stage, dance-floor and even inside the fountain. The holiday made everybody forget about their things, troubles, awareness and took away the stress of working hard and studying hard. Even the teachers were glad to join the students activities making the Halloween night more jolly,  more spirited. The night was up-and coming as students tried to have a real fun forgetting the limitations of imagination enlivening their characters. Even a tender smile of a witch would frighten. But it didn’t, everybody knew it was Halloween.

I remember when I was looking for Halloween image, a young American family entered the store and asked for V. Putin”s mask. When the father put it on, a little boy hid behind his mother. The boy was scared of his father.

The holiday was then followed by jokes, games and food party. In a word the Halloween Night was a success!