October 29, 2010 is the date when  I got a chance to meet the author of “Two Kyrgyz Women”. As we were sitting in the classroom awaiting…. a beautiful woman with modern hair-do and friendly countenance entered the room with our teacher. I guessed it was Marinka. Marinka Franulovic.

Everybody was pleased to see her as each one had a number of questions to ask. Marinka currently lives in Kyrgyzstan, the place where she was faced to have personal contacts with the victims of human trafficking. Reading nearly twenty stories about trafficking, Marinka realized to say more about it. Not in emotional way, but rather realistically.

Human trafficking is business affair. As the author pointed out “a huge machine stands behind this crime”. It comes next after weapon market and drug industry. According to the statistics a huge number of people are under slavery today. Some of them survived, others were not destinied to it. They are still victims of sexual servitude, enslavement  and exploitable labor.

One of my experienced colleagues, Laura, asked about the people who go and work as prostitudes by their own wish, if they were considered to be also the victims of human trafficking. Many victims after such cases agree to work in sex industry. As the logic is why not, that’s what they are seeking for.  But in foreign countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Norway, where the prostitution is legal, the meanings of the words “prostitution” and “human trafficking”  are quite different. Prostitution is one’s decision, one’s way of earning money, who has a freedom of choice whether to have one customer or two a day OR whether give it up forever. But “human trafficking is tremendous break of human rights”, where the rights of a person are violated brutally. Under such cases the victim does not decide the things for himself. Everything is decided for him.

Also, Aliya, young Kazakh teacher, wondered where the victims of human trafficking were mostly from. East or West? As Marinka states  mainly Asian women are exposed to get  into inhuman affairs. According to the statistics, it shows nearly 50%.

Statistics, a tricky phenomenon as the author says, on the number of victims varies year by year. But slight results are noticeable even today. Ukraine and Moldova are the countries that made a great effort in combating the immense human trafficking .

Everybody agree that the only way of preventing rights violation is education. Every person should develop awareness, improve  consciousness and make a sense that their role in society matters.  

“Two Kyrgyz Women” is not the only work done dealing with trafficking by Marinka, “Ainura’s dream” is also an important way of self-improvement.