Recently, I have read a book “Two Kyrgyz Women”, inspired by true stories of victims of human trafficking by Marinka Franulovic. Marinka was born in 1970 in Zagreb, Croatia. Lawyer by educatuin; she has focused her interests to transition, human rights and migration. She has lived in several countries and currently lives in Kyrgyzstan. But today we have a good opportunity to meet the author of the book. It is a rare case and I really anticipate.

O, beautiful liberty,dear and sweet,

Thou heavenly gift where riches all meet,

Actual source of our glory of these hours,

The sole adornment of this grove of ours,

All silver, all gold, and our lives so dear,

Cannot recompense the beauty so clear.

That is how the book begins. A poem by Ivan Gundulic(1589-1638) clearly gives idea what the book is about: human trafficking. Human rights violation once declared illegal. And should remain illegal forever, because freedom cannot be given. It is our right, at birth.